lives is Southern California and loves spending time with her husband and fur baby, Coco. When her health was at its worse, she really got into natural modalities and being conscious of the products that were being absorbed into her body. She stumbled upon Unearth Malee on Etsy and it has been love at first sight!

“I had so many questions about the scents and products and the owner, Marie, was so patient and helpful with answering every one of my emails. I was delighted to find that there was a physical store that I could visit in Claremont to try out all the products. My favorite product is their whipped body butter (available in-store only.) I love to use the French Lavender scent after my shower, right before I go to bed. The lavender essential oil provides a restful sleep and the moisturizing ingredients leave me with such soft skin when I wake up in the morning! Another great product that I like to add to my nightly regimen is the limited edition pure aromatherapy perfume in ‘Calm.’ I feel like I am at the day spa in my own home! One of the things I really love about the store is that they highlight a product of the month at a special price so that you can try it out. I also love that Marie does not use palm oil in her products, in hopes to raise awareness of the destruction that is happening to the rainforests. I love Unearth Malee and the wonderful women behind the brand!”


 is a father of two daughters, a licensed audio, video and networking contractor, and Farmer!

“I started using the Papaya Ginger Lemongrass soap bar over a year ago. I train Brazilian Jujitsu and run weekly. I needed a bar soap that could help my skin condition. I am sure most people wouldn’t want to admit it, but I suffer from a skin fungus called Tinea Versicolor. The condition makes circlular spots around areas where sweat accumulates. The Papaya Ginger Lemongrass really helped my condition. Between the bar soap and a luffa, the condition is reduced to virtually nothing. I am so glad I found this soap bar at the Claremont Farmers Market!”

What comes first the chicken or the egg? In the world of Coop’d UP, Byron Graham says, “both!” Most people enjoy fresh eggs that come from a backyard farm! Coop’d up eggs are all about that concept and more.  To sum it up, “The hens eat what they are supposed to eat. And that is what nature provides”, says Byron. At Coop’d UP the only thing that matters is the health of the animal that gives the gift of sustenance. The hens eat a daily grain mix with fresh vegetables from the backyard garden. Kale is a main food source. The hens also forage the yard for insects and grasses. A happy healthy hen always lays the best egg! Coop’d UP eggs are always about quality!”     coopdup.com


photographer and mother of three living in Southern California.

“Family, travel, books and Unearth Malee – these are a few of my favorite things! I have a major case of wanderlust and I love traveling to new places – new sights, new sounds, a different taste of life and culture. With three kids and two dogs, far away adventures don’t come so easy anymore. I get my daily fix with Unearth Malee. Each product, with its exotic blend, instantly transports me somewhere else. I am always on the go, rushing from here to there, but I look forward to taking a timeout with my favorite Unearth Malee product. (They are all my favorites!) I particularly love Unearth Malee’s Wooden Wick Soy Candles. A good book and a soothing cup of tea are perfection with the company of an Unearth Malee soy candle. My favorite candle would be the Chai Spiced Tea. I adore listening to the crackle of the wood wick and watching the flame flicker and dance.

I am passionate about living by the laws of nature. We live in a chemically toxic world. Trying to raise children organically can be so difficult these days. I rest easy knowing that the people behind Unearth Malee are equally as passionate as I am and have a deep love and respect for our planet. There is so much thought and care that goes into each product, making it easy for me to embrace and pamper my family with Unearth Malee love!”


is the owner/ operator of Therapeutic Sports & Injury Massage (T.S.I Massage) in Upland, California. Aside from his extensive work experience with some of the top professionals in the fitness and wellness world, Henry sought out the top figures in the field of therapeutic massage to create an experience this is pleasant, educational, pain free, alleviating and valuable. Henry is a proud practitioner of the Filipino Martial Art Kali and has over 20 years experience in various other martial arts. He was a part of the internationally recognized classical choir The Mt. SAC Chamber Singers from 2011-2012 and sang at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York. His personal experiences in martial arts, proper application of movement through exercise, and classical voice have given Henry a unique, but effective approach to clients’ wellness.

“For the past year, I have used Unearth Malee’s muscle rub on my clients. It’s a product that is crucial for my practice and falls under my philosophy of ‘if I won’t use it on myself, I won’t use it on my clients.’ Its pure essential oils that help alleviate tension, great grip when used in small amounts, and glide when used liberally make it the perfect product for my clients’ needs. I also began to add other Unearth Malee products to my daily life and I’m so glad I did. My skin feels great, and I’m confident in the products that I put on my body. At home I use the hand made soaps that have helped me rid an acne problem, shampoo bars that have eliminated dandruff, laundry detergents that are amazing, lotion bars that keep the dry skin on my face at bay, lip balms that work better than anything I’ve ever used, deodorant that doesn’t have aluminum or chemical fragrance, and the beer shave bar that works better than any shaving cream I’ve ever used. I’m crazy about these products! The fact that they are organic and locally made is comforting, but more important is the positive intention and high standard that Marie puts into all her products. She truly views the skin as an organ that needs to be treated with complete love, and she understands that anything that goes on to your skin will eventually be absorbed into the body. Simply put, ‘Unearth Malee’ because I care.”


 holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health, and she practices the discipline through her work as a Health Educator at Cal Poly Pomona and as a Water Fitness instructor at Pomona College. In her free time she enjoys running, paddle boarding, playing guitar, doing yoga, and spending time with her husband and kids. 


“I feel good about using Unearth Malee products because they are made with integrity, featuring ingredients that are environmentally friendly. Plus, they smell and feel amazing, and come in containers that are aesthetically pleasing! It is difficult to choose favorites, but some that I really love are the Chai Tea Chocolate soap, the Ginger Lemongrass lotion bar, the Thai Herbal Balm muscle rub, and the Chai Spiced Tea candle.”


resides in Claremont, California with her family and two fluffy white dogs, Nala and Peetie, who think “it’s a tremendous oversight that there isn’t an Unearth Malee line of dog shampoos.”  

“Unearth Malee – a product beyond compare!  The first time I used Unearth Malee soap, it seemed like a luxury item, to be enjoyed as a treat, or to bestow on others as a beautiful.  Once my husband tried the soap, however, he declared that he would use nothing else ever again!  We now use only Unearth Malee soap in our shower. My husband uses it for shampooing, body wash, shaving, everything! Because of my diligent and excellent wifery, I can honestly say he has not used any other product  in our home for going on five years.  He does not discriminate, enjoying all of the many unique and beautifully fragrant soaps they create.  My favorite is still the Cilantro Mint Basil soap. I smile involuntarily every time our soap rotation reaches this refreshing gem of a soap.  I also cannot get enough of the incredible Unearth Malee candles. I do give many of these away as gifts but mostly hoard them in an attempt to make my home smell like the Unearth Malee store. “


is a recent college graduate pursuing a career and seeking a lifestyle that is mellow and simple.  She has a love for Mother Nature and prefers to use natural beauty products whenever possible.  In the midst of her day to day life, she strongly believes that it is important to remain calm, take time to just be, and live mindfully.                                                  

“I have always loved to support people who create their own line of products; especially natural/aromatherapy lines!  Unearth Malee’s candles are very soothing and peaceful.  After a long day at work, I immediately light my Unearth Malee Candle because it has an overall calming effect on me.  I am at ease knowing that these candles are carefully handcrafted using the finest ingredients that are non-toxic to the environment. My favorite scents include Vanilla Rose and Chai Spiced Tea.  Candles this unique and special cannot be found just anywhere!”


is a hard-working family man, martial artis, music enthusiast, and business owner.                     

Kali Method International Filipino Martial Arts 

Pamana Clothing Company

“My favorite soap bars are Papaya Ginger Lemongrass and Black Pepper Charcoal Detox.  I travel a lot and I like to pack light.  I really like Unearth Malee because I can take one bar with me when I train and travel for seminars.  I use the same bar for my hair, face, body, shaving, and even when hand-washing my laundry!  I like the lotion bars because they multitask as moisturizer and a hair product.  Of course, the Thai Herbal Balm is a must for me since I train six days a week.  The best thing about Unearth Malee is that Marie uses only REAL ingredients that produce actual results instead of synthetic ingredients and chemicals that only give the illusion that they are working, but are actually getting you sick.  I tell my students that excellence is a habit.  Using Unearth Malee products in my daily regimen helps me achieve excellence. Supporting businesses like this also promotes excellence because of Marie’s integrity, passion, work ethic, and mission to educate the public about the awesome benefits of a more natural lifestyle on our physical health and the health of our planet.  Mind. Heart. Respect.”

Wedding Noveau Magazine, Winter 2012

Wedding Noveau Magazine, Winter 2012

Houston Magazine, April 2011

Houston Magazine, April 2011