We are fortunate to be able to use our love of pure, natural products to create a business that also functions as a means for us to connect with our community, both locally and globally.

As a community partner, we are honored to contribute to local non-profit organizations that foster kinship, help families in need, and enrich lives through the arts. We also have the opportunity to help our neighbors living in other parts of the country and world by supporting co-ops and giving proceeds to their worthy causes.

One of the non-profit organizations we especially love to support is Orangutan Foundation International.  This team of dedicated individuals are passionate about the well-being of orangutans and their environments.   Please click here to read more about OFI and the difference they are making.

In addition, we are proud to wrap our soap bars with flower-seeded paper from Of the Earth, a Seattle-based company that strives for sustainability and promotes economic independence for rural craftspeople in the highlands of Nepal, where the paper is made in an environmentally-friendly process.  

We whole-heartedly believe that once you #unearththelove, you must then #sharethelove.