It’s Official!

Yup, it finally happened. I started a blog. For many years now I have played with the thought of creating an outlet where I can share information learned from my many late nights of research. And yes, I am a research hog. I love it, I crave it, I live comfortably knowing that I am just a “Power On” button away from the vastness of information on the web. I possibly could suffer from research-itis, which may require a curing dosage of Thai massage, ginger tea, a night out with girlfriends, and some type of fruity dessert. This is all self diagnosed, of course.

So, stay tuned. Most of what I will post will be work related, Asian Inspired Bodycare kind of stuff. Asian herbal remedies, organic vegetable oil properties, interesting soap making stories, and occasional blurbs about fantastic moments in life. Hope you enjoy the journey, and feel free to make comments and share.



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